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A Little Bit About My New EP…

So, on May 1st (one day before my bday..btw) “19th Avenue” the EP was released on i-tunes and amazon. There are four songs on it, each written by yours truly and a few of my very favorite co-writers. I wanted to tell you a bit about each one, so when you listen you know what is going on. :)

1. Thinking Bout’ You

I wrote this with my good friend Rob Crosby and the incredibly talented Brice Long. It is kind of a “torch song” about a girl who can’t seem to get an old flame off her mind. She is basically saying, I’m don’t want you back, and I’m not gonna come after you, but I just want you to know, you still cross my mind from time to time. My favorite line in the song is “I would have thought by now these feelings would be gone, I guess my heart must have a mind all of it’s own”. Ain’t that the truth !

2. Guitar Man

This song was written with one of my very close friends and the first person, other than my dad, that I ever co-wrote with, Brian Nash. It gives a nod to the old school country ‘ramblin, road weary, guitar slingin’ cowboys. I picture that I’m singing to Willie Nelson, or Waylon, imagining what it must be like to be in love with someone who is on the road all of the time. I think you have to hear it to know what I’m trying to say. Take a listen. :) ” He comes home with a t-shirt from someplace I ain’t never been and a bag of dirty laundry, lookin’ like a gypsy, telling stories of his travelin’ “

3. Give In To Me

Some of y’all may have heard this in the movie “Country Strong” or maybe even heard Faith Hills version on the soundtrack. I wrote it with my dad (Billy Falcon) and Elisha Hoffman. It’s a song about trying to get someone to surrender or “give in” to your love.

4. Come Sunrise

“Come Sunrise” was written with my buddy Jon Nite. He is a great hang and an incredible songwriter. We have been writing for quite a while. Jon started playing and said the words “come sunrise” and I feel like the song kind of wrote itself from there. It’s a bittersweet song about leaving someone you still have feelings for.

“Love me like your heart don’t know,

this all comes down to letting go, just one last time

Sting me with a reckless kiss, C’mon baby hit me with your best goodbye”

These are my thoughts on the songs for now, and I can’t wait to find out what they mean to you.

19th Avenue - EP - Rose Falcon

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